How do I get started?

We usually meet in your home for a consultation. For a kitchen remodel or addition, we speak about how you cook, the relationship of your kitchen to other rooms, what is and is not working now, your goals, needs, and wants. For other parts of your home such as basement conversions, master bedroom suites, or Bubby suites, the process is similar.

 Plan on 2 hours for a consult, which is a fixed fee of $150 ($75 x 2 hr. minimum). If more time is required, then the same $75 per hour rate will apply.  During the consultation, I will give you an estimate of what my design costs would be for your project. Kitchen or basement plans are typically $750. 
I also do larger projects, up to and including whole house renovations. 

What do I get if you do my design?

After I take precise measurements and draw up plans, you will receive 2D and 3D CAD drawings, and printed plans for you and your contractor. You will be able to walk through the 3D CAD drawings on your computer, tablet or smartphone. My quoted price includes up to three revisions. If you want additional changes beyond that, then additional revisions will be billed at the $75 per hour rate. I want you to be completely happy.

What if I want more services? (Expansion of Scope/Change Order)

Real life example:  A client contracted for basement and garage conversion layouts and was quoted a fixed price. The client was pleased with my work and then requested a kitchen design. The kitchen design represented an expansion of scope and an additional fee for kitchen design was quoted and was accepted by the client.

What cabinet lines do you carry?

I currently carry Canyon Creek, a well-priced and well-constructed semi-custom cabinet line, and the stock lines 6 Square and Cubitac. Canyon Creek and 6 Square both offer limited lifetime warranties. I am in the process of adding a fully custom premium line and a Euro Modern line. My design fee is credited against the cost of your cabinets!*

Clients who order a full kitchen of cabinets through me receive additional services: extra revisions, lighting plans, 3D CAD drawings with more details such as your choices in backsplashes and flooring, and my continued involvement as questions come up throughout your project. Also, I become responsible for final measurements, and dealing with the cabinet company if any of your cabinets are damaged in transit or are defective.

Do you ever get called in on a project started by someone else?

Yes, and in a few different ways. I am often asked to do a kitchen design from an architect’s plan. The kitchen space in an architect’s plan may say “kitchen by others” and there’s a good reason for that — architects are not kitchen designers.

Sometimes I get a request to review a plan produced by a cabinet showroom. A “plan check” may leave you wondering “why didn’t I come to you first?” I am not Home Depot, and when I do a design it is with much more thought and care than a big box store or cabinet showroom can typically allot to an individual.

What if I change my mind after you already started? (Cancellation fee)

If the cancellation happens after measurements were already taken, most likely I have already done most of the work, and then 2/3s of the agreed fee would still be due.  If cancellation is after an initial plan has been delivered, then 90% of the fee would be due.

I don’t live in Maryland. Are you still able to design my space?

In general, I do not sell cabinets outside of Maryland, but I can still provide long-distance design services. I can work with you if you have accurate measurements. The measurements can come from an architect’s drawings, your contractor, or you. You can pay Home Depot or Lowes to measure if it’s for a kitchen only.


*Credit of design fee is not applicable to Pesach kitchens, “Bubby kitchens” or kitchenette/guest kitchens.